What Is A Missouri Statutory Agent

A Missouri Statutory Agent can be either an individual person or a business that is designated to receive Service of Process served upon a company within the jurisdiction of any state where the company conducts business. Service of process is official notification of a lawsuit or summons when the business has become a party to legal action.

Other functions of a Statutory Agent also include receiving official correspondence from the Missouri Secretary of States office examples of include notification of annual reports

tax notices and general corporate compliance notifications.


Do I Need a Statutory Agent in Missouri?

Like most states Missouri requires business entities such as corporations and limited liability companies that are either formed within the state or are foreign corporations doing business in the state to maintain a Statutory Agent or depending on the state may be referred to as a resident or statutory agent. The appointment of a Statutory Agent provides the state with an official name and address to receive important communication or notifications.


Legal Definition of a Missouri Statutory Agent

A Missouri Statutory Agent is the legal representative responsible for accepting Service of Process (Lawsuits) on behalf of the business entity within the dominion ofthe

State of Missouri. Service of process is the procedure employed to give legal notice to a company (defendant) of a court or administrative body's exercise of its jurisdiction over that company so as to enable that person to respond to the proceeding before the court, body or other tribunal. Usually, notice is furnished by delivering a set of court documents (called "process") to the company to be served. A Statutory Agent will also accept on behalf of the company annual reports and other similar compliance type filings from the Secretary of State.


If a company does not maintain or designate a Statutory Agent it will be deemed to not be in Good Standing with the state. The fallout of this will include forfeiture of its

license to do business in the state. There are substantial penalties and fees involved in reinstating the company back into ìGood Standingî. Failing to maintain a Statutory Agent may also block access to legally enter into contracts and gain access to the state courts


Who Can Perform The Service of a Statutory Agent in Missouri

Different states have different requirements for Statutory Agents. Typically, the agent must be a legal resident of the state in question or, in states that allow business to serve a Statutory Agents, an entity authorized to do business in the state. All states allow a corporate officer of the corporation to serve, and all allow the corporation's lawyer to serve. Most allow business entities to serve as Statutory Agents for other entities. In some states a business entity is legally allowed to act as its own Statutory Agent, but other jurisdictions may require that a business entity designate a third party as its Statutory Agent. Because most states permit one business entity to serve as a Statutory Agent for others, some businesses exist to serve that exact function, charging a fee to act as the Statutory Agent for hundreds or thousands of businesses in a given state.


Why Should I Use a Professional Missouri Statutory Agent

You will have the confidence that a professional Statutory Agent is looking out for the interest of your company for a nominal annual fee. Penalties for not maintaining a Statutory Agent generally will cause a jurisdiction to revoke a businessís corporate or LLC legal status as well as in some cases, assess additional penalty fees on the entity.
If a Statutory Agent fails to perform their function, it can have dire consequences for the business entity. For example, if a customer fell inside a store and sued the store, and the storeís Statutory Agent failed to notify the business entity of a summons to appear in court to respond to the lawsuit, then when the case went to trial, nobody would appear to defend the store and the customer would win by a default judgment. Additionally, the store would likely not be able to get the judgment overturned on appeal because they had been properly served. This is one of the most common reasons that business trust and utilize a professional as their Statutory Agent.

1.        You want one less thing to worry about.

2.        The State of Missouri will not allow a PO Box.

3.        Your company does business in multiple states.

4.        Youíre starting your company in Missouri and you donít have a physical location.

5.        Your address often changes.

6.        You donít keep normal business hours.

7.        You do not have a permanent place you work from in Missouri.

8.        You maintain an office in your home.

9.        You donít want to be served a lawsuit in front of employees at work.


Is There Confidentiality Between My Missouri Statutory Agent and My Company?

All information between the Statutory Agent and client should be and remain confidential. It is important to know that a subpoena which has legal authority

may be served upon the Statutory Agent compelling disclosure of client information. The Statutory Agent should always try to confirm that it is from a legitimate source

such as a Court or law enforcement agency. Under these circumstances, the Statutory Agent must disclose requested information under penalty of law.


Missouri Statutory Agent Service is The Cheapest The Best?
Yes, price is always important in the decision making process but in the case of trusting a company to act as your Missouri Statutory Agent a stable, experienced company with a fair price is your best bet...... Companies promising beat any price policies and Free services are probably going to give you what you pay for. The largest most established companies in our business such as HUBCO do not market their services this way. The 2nd tier companies in our business may just disappear on you... Then What?